COACHING BY DEE JAY is a full-service coaching practice to empower and inspire women to make better choices in relationships to ensure a happy healthy life – emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Coach Dee Jay is the founder of a  self-love female movement to  encourage self-awareness in order to make better decisions.  The movement includes coaching, events and a Self-Love Club.

During coaching sessions and events, the focus is always on Self-Love and Positive Energy. Self-Love plays an integral role in the decisions that women make.

Let’s talk about

self love and relationships!

You are the CHOOSER so let me help you achieve dating or relationship success so that you can reach the ultimate in satisfaction, happiness and love.

Coaching sessions will:

• Assist you in preparing to find the love of your life!
Provide you self-discovery in order to clearly understand your needs 
and wants in relationships!
Help you formulate  and carry out a Relationship Success Plan!
Help you practice self-love, experience a mindset shift and exude positive energy!
Live intentionally!
Help you live your best life!


Dee Jay is passionate about inspiring and empowering women to have better relationships.

Her personal perspective — from dating to divorce to happily ever after — helps her to be compassionate to women experiencing relationship woes.

She is a certified self-love and relationship coach who uses self-love and positive thinking strategies and techniques to deliver results. Self-love is at the center of her approach.

Dee Jay also loves writing. She uses her writing to help coach. In her 30 Ways Series, she provides women with powerful information in a purse-size book of daily readings. The 30 Ways Series takes readers on an introspective journey and provides insight on various relationship topics. Her fun, loving coaching style helps women feel comfortable sharing, crying, laughing and loving. This style rings through in her books.

So far in the series, she has completed 30 Ways To Better Sex: Empowering Women To Have Great Relationships and 30 Ways To Get Over A Breakup Or Divorce: Empowering Women On A Journey To Happily Ever After and 30 Ways To Successful Dating. She wants to provide valuable relationship information with her books, material and coaching.
Her goal is to help women experience the ultimate in happiness, satisfaction and love.